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Attack-Defend CTF Launcher

Launcher main

Allows teams to collaborate on a central platform to organize exploits being thrown at other teams. Exploit status refreshes in real time using websockets.

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#include "ctf_import.h"

int main() {
    int (* fib)(int);
    // a.out is a binary with a fibonacci function at offset 0xf00
    fib = (int (*)(int)) import("a.out", 0xf00);
    printf("%d %d %d %d %d\n", fib(1), fib(2), fib(3), fib(4), fib(5));

A small library that allows you to run basic functions from stripped binaries cross platform.

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Comic Viewer for Calvin and Hobbes


Integrates full text search, ML for comic separation, and original publish dates for an awesome Calvin and Hobbes experience.

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Add symbols back into a stripped ELF binary


./dress <in-file> <out-file> <sym-file> [-v]


$ gcc test.c
$ readelf -s a.out
Symbol table '.symtab' contains 70 entries:
  62: 0000000000601044     4 OBJECT  GLOBAL DEFAULT   26 counter
  64: 0000000000400593    54 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT   14 main
  69: 0000000000400566    45 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT   14 test
$ strip a.out -o b.out
$ readelf -s b.out
$ dress b.out c.out a.syms
$ readelf -s c.out
Symbol table '.symtab' contains 3 entries:
  0: 0000000000601044     0 OBJECT  LOCAL  DEFAULT   25 counter
  1: 0000000000400593     0 FUNC    LOCAL  DEFAULT   14 main
  2: 0000000000400566     0 FUNC    LOCAL  DEFAULT   14 test

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